Marinai is a new, fresh fashion and lifestyle brand born in Florence, Italy.

Dal mare con amore …

The inspiration behind the brand uses the sea as its main influencewhere design, quality and style merge into a unique entity.

Marinai Brand reinvents the traditional navy style by bringing its vision, where innovation and tradition blend to create  apparel and looks with a personality of its own. The Marinai lifestyle stands for passion, freedom and revolution.

About us

Our visual concept draws from the classic nautical style. We strongly identify with the adventurous sea life and want to bring it to the urban scene, to suit the needs of the bravest city explorers. To do that, we combine traditional patterns with casual styles that give our garments their fresh touch.

At Marinai, we work with artists from different artistic scenes to produce innovative and creative designs.


Our purpose is to bring the sea to the city to dress our marinaios. We are looking for long term relationships so when you are satisfied, we are satisfied.